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[x] Name: Dottie
[x] Age: 16
[x] Gender: Female
[x] Hobbies: Drawing, Writing poems, driving, being fun, hitting people, learning html, being a computer dork :P
[x] 9 Bands You Like: Poison the well, Otep, Remembering Never, as I lay dying, fuck...Im dead, Killswitch Engage, Lollipop Lust Kill, Jack off Jill, NIN
[x] 6 Bands You Dislike: 50 cent
[x] Favorite Song? Why?: NIN - Something I can never have because I've related to the song for so long, and even if it isn't hardcore, It's still amazing
[x] Last Show Attended: Local band show
[x] Next Show You Want To Go To: Killswitch Engage next year
[x] Why Do You Think You're So Hardcore?: Does it make a difference? I just am, I dont know. Why am I applying to this community if I didn't think I was hardcore?
[x] Something That You Think Will Make Us Laugh:
[x] Post At Least 2 Pictures of Yourself:

[x] Promote 1 Community With The Link:

(the pic is a link )
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